Believe us when we say that Last Call Comics is run by a bunch of comic geeks. We’re all fans of comics here, grew up reading them, drawing pictures out of them, and watching the movies before they were all big hollywood, tentpole, blockbusters.

Our motivations don’t concern bank accounts, the bottom line or how to really bash the competition. One of the many things we strive for is telling original, unique and entertaining stories in comic book format. We also focus on the readers: what do you want to see, what don’t you want to see, and how can we build a better company around those demands? My Father once told me that “No company is bigger than it’s supporters.” So I pledge that Last Call Comics will remain approachable, appreciative and attentive to you, the readers, our supporters, and our friends.

From it’s inception, creativity and originality have been at the core of Last Call Comics. Our team has done work ranging from comics and storyboards to video games and concept work. At Last Call Comics, we believe anything worth doing starts with a great idea.

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