Create and develop mind-blowing ideas that entertain, stir conversation and, of course, create life-long fans. Whether you’re an illustrator who conveys the essence of a script to create action, or an author who explores characters, we’re here so that YOUR work can capture the imagination of millions.

Creative opportunities include roles such as:

Story artists
Character designers
Digital colorist/painters
Graphic designers

Artist NOTE: Feel free to your resume’ with a few attached illustrations depicting your current skill level. Please male sure illustration submissions are CURRENT and represent your artistic ability at this time.

Sent submissions to: EIC@L A S T C A L L C O M I C S . COM     (no spaces needed, we do that to trick the spam bots 😉 )

Below you will find some physical submission instructions as well as submission guidelines and a sample script should you decide to submit sequential samples.

Download Submission Guidelines

Download Submission Agreement

Sample Script

FAQ and Privacy Policy


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