Booth models? Pin-up girls? Call them what you want, but the Shot Girls are more than another group of pretty faces. Our Shot Girls don’t just show up to an event, shake hands, take a few pics and cash their checks. They are as much a part of Last Call Comics as the writers and artists who fill the office suites.

And while, of course, they’re all insanely beautiful girls with diverse personalities and traits, their collective #1 concern is making sure Last Call Comics fans stay just that… FANS! Whether at a convention or online, if the Shot Girls are involved (and they usually are), they want to make it an experience you’ll never forget.

But don’t take our word for it. After browsing through their photos, feel free to send any of the girls an e-mail. Each Shot Girl has her personal e-mail listed in her profile. Fair warning, though, some of them bite!

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